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Is ginger powder safe for dogs? All you need to know

26th June 2023, Christoph Klinger

Is ginger powder safe for dogs? All you need to know

So, you’re familiar with the health benefits of ginger in humans. You love your dog, and want only the best for them. It’s only natural to make the connection and wonder: can dogs eat ginger powder, and will it provide similar benefits for them?

You’ll be pleased to know that, yes, dogs can in fact eat ginger. All kinds of ginger are perfectly safe, powder, fresh and juice included. Powder is particularly convenient though, as you won’t have to finely chop it like you would for fresh ginger.

Now you know dogs are safe to consume ginger, let’s take a look at how they could benefit from doing so.

The benefits of ginger

Surprising though it may seem, some studies have indicated that ginger may reduce a dog’s risk of contracting cancer. Studies performed on rats and mice have shown that ginger can slow the rate of cancer growth, while test tube experiments have indicated that the spice can kill lymphosarcoma cells. Inflammation is one potential cause of the illness, and ginger can help prevent that too thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

These same anti-inflammatory properties come in handy when your dog is experiencing digestive issues, too. From nausea to bloating, ginger can work wonders with all kinds of digestive problems. It can also bring your canine comfort as their joints age; if they suffer from arthritis, taking ginger will help ease their discomfort.

How much ginger you feed your dog will depend largely on their weight. The larger they are, the more they can consume without any ill effects.

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