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Marshmallow Root Vs Leaf – Which Is Better?

3rd November 2022, Christoph Klinger

Marshmallow Root Vs Leaf – Which Is Better?

Officially known as Althaea officinalis, marshmallow herb has been consumed for millennia – as far back as the Ancient Egyptian era. In this guide, we’re looking specifically at the difference between marshmallow root and leaves to figure out which is better. Or, more importantly, which one you should choose for your products.

A herbal tea could benefit from a different form of marshmallow to cuisine ingredients, for example.

Both parts of the plant have different uses; for example, the root is more commonly used for culinary purposes, while the leaves have proven themselves as effective herbal remedies.

If you’re looking to expand or enhance your product offerings, this is a helpful guide on how to make best use of dried marshmallow root or leaf. This is readily available from botanical wholesalers, like Mimea. We source high quality plant-based ingredients from across Europe and the world.

Let’s break down the different uses of marshmallow herb and whether the root or leaf is the best form for that product.

Common uses of marshmallow leaf and marshmallow root


Use Which marshmallow is best?
Herbal tea infusions Leaf
Poultice for skin inflammations Root
Hair conditioner Root
Herbal syrup blends Root
Salad herb Leaf
Salves and ointments Root or leaf extract
Incense blends Root
Horse supplements for respiratory conditions Root
Herbal lozenges Root


One thing to bear in mind is that while both the root and leaf contain mucilage, the root contains a higher proportion of it. Mucilage is known to help soothe and relieve symptoms of respiratory issues in humans and horses.

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