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Marshmallow Leaf: A Powerful Supplement For Healthy Horses

3rd November 2022, Christoph Klinger

Marshmallow Leaf: A Powerful Supplement For Healthy Horses

Keeping your horse healthy can be a round-the-clock endeavour. But there are natural, plant-based supplements you can feed them to help address some of their sensitivities or ailments. Marshmallow leaf is one such herbal supplement. With anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties, it’s a versatile herb that can be particularly beneficial for respiratory, digestive or urinary tract issues.

In this guide, we’re highlighting the hero qualities that make this ingredient a powerful equine supplement.

It’s mucilaginous – good for the respiratory system

In simple terms, this means that it has a sticky, soothing quality which can help relieve inflammation or irritation from mucus build-up in the respiratory system. This is good for soothing dry coughs. Dust, hay spores or poor air quality can exacerbate irritation in your horse’s airways, and even contribute to the build-up of mucous.

Both the root and leaf contain mucilage, but the root contains a higher proportion of it.

It’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial – good for the gut

It can help regulate the bacteria in the intestine and is particularly helpful for soothing inflammatory and colic conditions, such as ulcers.

How to feed your horse marshmallow herb

Long-term consumption of marshmallow herb is safe.

How much you feed your horse will depend on their size. Small horses will need less than large horses.

Small Horse – 10g per day
Large Horse – 20g per day

This can be mixed or infused with their daily feed.

Important Note: One thing to bear in mind is that natural supplements can only assist in your horse’s health. If there is an underlying medical problem, a vet will need to be consulted for a diagnosis and to receive appropriate treatment.

Marshmallow leaves can help support the healthy functioning of the lungs, kidneys, bladder and intestines – that’s a whole lot of benefits to be had from one supplement.

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