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Spice It Up: Exploring Five Creative Uses for Cinnamon Bark

25th March 2024, Christoph Klinger

Spice It Up: Exploring Five Creative Uses for Cinnamon Bark

Cinnamon bark is a versatile and beneficial spice that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways beyond just cooking. Whether you’re looking to enhance your beauty routine, create a cosy atmosphere in your home, or improve your health, cinnamon bark has something to offer for everyone.

How to use Cinnamon Bark?

DIY reed diffuser

With just a few simple ingredients, you can create a customised home fragrance diffuser that will fill your space with the warm and cosy aroma of cinnamon.

Creating your own DIY reed diffusers with cinnamon bark essential oil is a simple and cost-effective way to add a warm and inviting scent to your home.

To make your own diffuser, start by mixing about three tablespoons of carrier oil, such as sweet almond or fractionated coconut oil, with 15-20 drops of cinnamon bark essential oil in a small glass bottle. Swirl the mixture gently to combine the oils.

You can place your DIY reed diffuser in any room where you want to enjoy the scent of cinnamon bark. Be sure to flip the reeds every few days to refresh the fragrance.

Homemade playdough

Making homemade playdough is a fun and easy activity that kids will love. Adding ground cinnamon or small pieces of cinnamon bark to the playdough takes it to the next level by creating a sensory experience that engages multiple senses. The warm and inviting scent of cinnamon will fill the air as the kids play, adding an extra element of enjoyment to the activity.

Adding cinnamon to playdough makes it feel different for kids. They can feel the small pieces of bark or finely ground cinnamon as they play. This helps them learn about different smells and textures while having fun.

Scalp treatment to stimulate hair growth

Cinnamon applied to the scalp can promote blood flow, potentially enhancing hair growth and reducing hair loss. Its antifungal properties may also be beneficial in treating dandruff.

Cinnamon bark, known for its high antioxidant content, protects hair follicles, maintaining hair strength and vitality.

Infused oils

Cinnamon bark-infused oils are a wonderful way to add a burst of flavour and aroma to your cooking.

By infusing your favourite cooking oils with cinnamon bark, you can create a unique and versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes.

To make cinnamon bark-infused oils, just follow three simple steps:

  • Add cinnamon bark to a bottle of your chosen oil
  • Let it sit for a few days
  • Allow the flavours to meld together

The result is a warm and spicy oil that can be used in salad dressings, marinades, or for sautéing vegetables.

When using cinnamon bark-infused oils in your cooking, you can expect a subtle sweetness and warmth that pair well with a variety of dishes. The aromatic qualities of cinnamon bark will add depth and complexity to your dishes, making them stand out from the crowd.

Next time you’re looking to elevate your cooking, consider using cinnamon bark-infused oils for a unique and flavourful twist. Your taste buds will thank you!

Dessert garnishes

Cinnamon bark is not only a versatile spice for cooking, but it also makes a fragrant garnish for desserts. Its warm, spicy aroma and rustic appearance can elevate the presentation of a variety of sweet treats.

  • Cakes: Consider placing a few pieces of cinnamon bark on top of the frosting or around the edges of the cake for a simple yet elegant touch. The natural curves and texture of the bark can create a visually appealing contrast against the smooth surface of the cake.
  • Puddings or custards: Sprinkle small pieces of cinnamon bark on top of the dessert before serving. This not only adds a decorative element but also infuses the dish with a subtle cinnamon flavour.
  • Ice cream: Try placing a stick of cinnamon bark upright in the scoop for a unique and eye-catching presentation. As the ice cream starts to melt, it will release the warm aroma of cinnamon, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

Overall, using cinnamon bark as a dessert garnish is a simple yet effective way to add depth, flavour, and visual interest to your sweet creations. It’s a small detail that can make a big impact on the overall presentation and enjoyment of the dish.

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