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Could the Garnish Be the Secret to Levelling Up Your Gin Menu?

25th October 2022, Christoph Klinger

Could the Garnish Be the Secret to Levelling Up Your Gin Menu?

Garnishing has come a long way from the days where a slice of lemon and ice sufficed. Today, boutique and premium bars are levelling up their garnishing game and guests will expect a certain standard, particularly if they’re paying a non-budget price for their cocktail.
If you’ve crafted the perfect blend of gin or sourced from the finest artisanal and popular gin makers from around the world, you won’t want to cut corners on the final presentation.

If you’re running a bar and want to enhance the look, taste and experience of your drinks menu, the devil will be in the details. For your gin and tonics and gin-based cocktails, the garnish could make or break the drink. Everything, from the glass you use to the garnish, can transform the drinking experience for your customers and elevate your menu.

A garnish is a versatile addition. Garnishes help to balance and add depth to the flavour. It can also accentuate the existing flavours. So, even if your customers are choosing their regular favourite, they’ll feel like they are trying something a bit different.

They can also make your drinks look beautiful (and Instagrammable!). This is not to be overlooked. The more your drinks make their appearance on social media, the more likely your bar or restaurant will get noticed – it’s a powerful marketing tool.

Let’s take a look at some of the ingredients that can elevate your drinks whilst still being affordable.

Dried Juniper Berries

Juniper is the hero ingredient of gin. It has a punchy, fragrant taste. Just a few dried juniper berries is all you need to accentuate the flavour.


Similar in appearance to juniper berries, peppercorns add a little kick to a classic G&T.

Citrus Fruits

Whether you want to add fresh or dried citrus fruit to your gin, it can help liven up a sweet flavour or complement an already zingy gin, such as blood orange or lemon gin.


Herbs can be pungent, so you won’t want to overdo it. Rosemary is a good complement for juniper.

Star Anise & Cinnamon Sticks

Offering a warming, sweet and aniseed flavour, star anise and cinnamon sticks make a beautiful and flavourful addition to a classic G&T. It’s an ideal wintry twist.

Shop G&T garnishes

From bottle to bar, when it comes to impressing your guests, paying a little more attention to the details can go a long way. If you’re looking for wholesale garnish ingredients, Mimea offers the ideal bulk buy packages. We source high quality ingredients and offer free delivery in the UK. Shop dried botanicals online today.

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