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Rosehips Whole

Dried Rose Hips

Rosa L spp.

Origin: Albania
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Rose hips, also called rose haw and rose hep, is the round part of the rose flower that sits just below the petals, containing the plant’s seeds. It is the accessory fruit and is typically red to orange in colour, but also ranges from dark purple to black in some species. Rosehips begin to form after successful pollination of flowers in spring or early summer, and ripen in late summer through autumn. Dried rose hips have many uses, including equine supplements and used to flavour herbal teas and foods.


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There are many health and food applications of rose hips, including herbal tea, jams and jellies, supplements for horses and applied to stretch mark creams as its naturally rich in antioxidants and fatty acids which have skin benefits.

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Rose hips are high in natural antioxidants, help maintain joint health, mobility and sustain the natural formation of cartilage and connective tissue. Rosehips are believed to naturally cleanse the body, helping to healthily remove toxins. Due to the presence of biotin, rosehips promote and maintain the growth of healthy new hoofs.

Rose hip tea - European soft and alcoholic drinks - Rose hip soup - Rose hip jams & jelliesRose hip tea is a common use of the ingredient – where it’s often blended with hibiscus to make the herbal drink. But it is also mixed into jams, jellies, wine and more. In Slovenia, rose hip steals the show in cockta – a popular fruity soft drink. Palinka is a traditional Hungarian fruit brandy that calls on the rosehip for flavour, and in Sweden, it’s used for nyponsoppa – a rose hip soup.

Immunity booster - Relieve stomach conditions - Stretch mark creamsWhen used for medicinal purposes, it is usually the dried rose hip and the seeds that are used. Some of the key componentsinclude beta-carotene, lutein and lycopene – all carotenoids that give it its vibrant colour.It can be used to treat stomach conditions including ulcer prevention, spasms and stomach acid deficiency, as well as helping diarrhoea, constipation and kidney disorders.One of its key applications is in stretch mark creams. The rich oil is highly nourishing to help minimise the appearance of the marks and keep skin soft and supple. The oil extracted from rose hips is naturally a great source of essential fatty acids and antioxidants. It is absorbed well into the skin and its vitamin A content helps to regenerate skin tissues that have already been damaged.

Dried rose hips are often used for decorative purposes for the likes of reef making, dry flower arrangements or soap and candle making.

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You can use whole rose hips to create tea and a multitude of other food products, including soup, jellies and jams.

Rose hip is known to be naturally high in antioxidants, meaning it can help support the immune system, reduce joint pain, improve skin health and protect against diseases. The process of drying and storing this botanical means much of its vitamin power is lost. However, healthcare remedies using rose hip can be fortified with additional vitamin C to counter this.

Our rosehips are sourced from locations in Europe, such as Albania.