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The surprising health benefits of ginger powder

21st August 2023, Christoph Klinger

The surprising health benefits of ginger powder

We’ve all heard of ginger – it’s one of the most well known botanicals out there. Most of us associate it with biscuits, condiments or dishes: we know it for its taste and aroma, but it turns out that there’s a whole lot more to ginger than that.

Ginger is taken from the rhizome (or roots) of Zingiber officinale, a flowering plant that is native to India and China. Now grown around the world, ginger might be best known for its distinctive flavour – but it has been used in herbal medicine for centuries in its native South East Asia.

Today, we’re going to put recipe ideas to one side and focus purely on the health benefits that ginger has to offer. They may just surprise you – and you might enjoy adding it to your favourite dishes even more from now on!

The health benefits

Although it can be consumed fresh, dried or in oil or juice form, powdered ginger is one of the most convenient ways to access the health benefits of this incredible root. Nevertheless, all forms of ginger can have a positive effect on the human body. Here are five notable benefits to keep in mind.

1. It’s rich in an oil called gingerol, which is partly responsible for the rhizome’s distinctive smell and taste. It also happens to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, improving our overall health and boosting our immune system.

2. Taking ginger regularly can help you lose weight, according to recent research. This effect is potentially due to ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Ginger’s anti-inflammatory effects can make a difference in the symptoms of osteoarthritis, according to some studies.

4. It can help treat symptoms of nausea, including morning sickness.

5. It could reduce your risk of contracting heart disease. Some studies have indicated that ginger lowers blood sugar levels, which also means it has an anti-diabetic effect.

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