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The Top Five Benefits of Dried Lemon Peel

23rd June 2023, Christoph Klinger

The Top Five Benefits of Dried Lemon Peel

The top five benefits of dried lemon peel

Dried lemon peel (Citrus limon) has a number of feel-good health benefits to offer. Both the internal flesh and the peel is edible. The peel is often overlooked, but in this guide it’s taking centre stage!

Many a lemon drizzle cake has featured both the juice and zest of the lemon. Outside of baking it has many other uses, and in this guide we’re looking at the multitude of benefits that the peel of this yellow citrus fruit has to offer.

Packed with nutritional goodness

With bioactive compounds, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, dried lemon peel has plenty of health benefits to offer. In fact, just a single tablespoon of lemon peel provides 9% of your daily vitamin C recommendation! One of the compounds, D-limonene, gives this fruit its fresh, zesty aroma.

So, if you’re thinking of crafting a healthier snack or even a vitamin supplement, dried lemon peel could be a fantastic ingredient to incorporate.

Could be good for maintaining oral hygiene

There have been a number of studies to suggest that lemon peel can inhibit the growth of microorganisms in the mouth. In particular, ones that can result in oral disease. This is thanks to its natural antibacterial properties.

Bring out the skin’s radiance

It’s also believed that lemon can help clear up the skin, including reducing the appearance of acne. This makes it a fantastic addition for both hair and skincare products. From face cleansers and masks to scrubs and exfoliators, the citric acid in lemon peel can help remove dead skin cells to reveal radiant, glowing skin.

Antibacterial properties make it a great cleaning solution

With natural antibacterial properties, lemon peel extract makes a superb addition to cleaning products, particularly those that are environmentally-friendly. With its uplifting scent, it adds an extra pleasant freshness to any room. It can be paired with vinegar to create a powerful, but all-natural, cleaning solution that works away grime and dirt.

Is lemon peel good for weight loss?

Lemon peel is low in calories, but rich in vitamins, minerals and other healthy ingredients. That makes it an excellent choice for anyone watching their calorie intake to aid with weight loss.

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