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Dried Orange Slices: Five Key Benefits

28th April 2023, Christoph Klinger

Dried Orange Slices: Five Key Benefits

When we think of oranges, we tend to picture vivid, ripe, juicy fresh fruit. Dried orange slices are the polar opposite of that. After being dehydrated in an oven for up to 12 hours, they adopt a slightly more muted hue (and obviously lose their succulent texture).

But they’re no less beneficial to our health, and actually boast a number of unique advantages over fresh oranges too. In this guide, we’re looking at the five key advantages of dried orange slices, including health benefits and other practical uses.

They’re just as healthy

Dried orange slices don’t lose any of their beneficial properties, including their high vitamin C content. That means they’re just as healthy to consume, and can help boost your immune system to prevent you from getting ill!

They make a great garnish or ornament

From adding them as a drink or dessert garnish to placing them in potpourri or even transforming them into seasonal decorations, dried orange slices are good for a whole lot more than just eating.

They last for much longer

Unlike their fresh and juicy counterparts, dried orange slices can last for up to two years (or even longer in some cases). To maximise their lifespan, make sure you store them in a suitable airtight container. Those kept outside of containers (in potpourri and so on) will usually begin to turn brown a little sooner.

They’re perfect for snacking

Want to give your children a delicious, sweet snack that won’t be bad for their health? Dried orange slices could be just what you’re looking for. That’s not to say they’re only for kids – if you love the tangy taste of an orange, you’ll enjoy dried slices just as much.

They can be used to flavour food and drink

You can grind your dried slices down into a powder, creating a handy, all-natural orange flavouring – perfect for summery drinks, fruity desserts and even homemade candles or wax melts.

Get your dried orange slices online today

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