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Elevate Your Savoury and Sweet Menu With Dried Rose Petals

24th March 2023, Christoph Klinger

Elevate Your Savoury and Sweet Menu With Dried Rose Petals

In this guide, we’re taking a look at how you can elevate a professional or home menu with dried rose petals.

Dried rose petals are a highly versatile ingredient. Not only do they add a gentle fragrance and flavour, they are also decorative. They also work just as well in sweet dishes as they do in savoury ones. Whether whole or ground, dried rose petals make an exquisite addition to a wide range of recipes from around the world.


Dried rose petals for cooking



  • Create your own Middle Eastern spice mix

They have a delicate floral flavour, but it is their musky aroma that makes them a key ingredient in the fragrant ras el hanout spice blend. This Moroccan spice works well in stews, tagines and to marinade aubergine or meat. Whole or ground petals can also be stirred through grains, such as couscous.


  • Flavouring sugar

Did you know, rose petals are a natural way to flavour sugar? By layering with sugar in an airtight container and leaving overnight or longer, the sugar should take on a delicate rose flavour. Great for baking premium scones, cakes and traybakes!

Turkish delight is also a traditional Middle Eastern confectionery treat that’s known for its distinctive rose flavour. The same method can be used for the icing sugar dusting.

  • Make syrup or tea with infusion

You can make cocktail syrups or even teas by infusing rose petals with water. To finish, you can even add a floating petal or two as a garnish with a tea, cocktail or mocktail.

  • Cake decorations

Synonymous with romance, dried rose petals are a classic addition for wedding and Valentine’s Day cakes. They can be pressed into the cake or added as a topping. However, they aren’t just for couples – they make a beautiful decoration for cakes all year round and for any occasion. They can even be added to a brownie mix for a floral twist.


If you want rose to be a stronger component in your recipe, we recommend adding a splash of rose water. Shop dried rose petals online at Mimea today.

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