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Fun Ways To Incorporate Hibiscus That Your Customers Will Love

25th October 2022, Mimea Mauzo

Fun Ways To Incorporate Hibiscus That Your Customers Will Love

Hibiscus is a hero ingredient of 2022. Believed to have originated from With a gorgeously vibrant red colour and sweet, tart flavour, it’s a versatile ingredient that can be infused to make delicious hot and cold drinks, and to enhance savoury dishes and dessert recipes. Plus, it makes for a beautiful garnish.

It makes a good addition to a range of breakfast, light bites and can even enhance your fine dining experience.

Drinks & Cocktails

Mix it up! From lemonade to tea, hibiscus makes for an ideal addition to your drinks menu. It’s perfectly infused with hot or cold tea drinks and can elevate your cocktail menu. It works particularly well with tequila and gin-based cocktails.

Cakes & Sweet Dishes

If you’re looking to help your customers start the day right with a delicious and nutritious breakfast, hibiscus is an ideal topping or addition for granola, pancakes and French toast. The tartness of cranberry and hibiscus is perfectly offset with creamy yoghurt or cream.

For those that enjoy the sweeter things in life, hibiscus offers plenty of opportunities to spice up your sweets menu. It’s a great garnish for all your favourite cakes, too.

Hibiscus can make a great syrup, which is a super versatile kitchen ingredient. From adding syrup shots to beverages or adding to your traditional jam recipe – the possibilities are endless with hibiscus.

Savoury dishes

Hibiscus flowers can also be used in savoury dishes. An ideal addition for vegan Mexican dishes and light bite wraps.

Shop dried hibiscus flowers online at Mimea today. As leading botanical and natural ingredient suppliers, we’re here to help you choose the best products to make your menu that little more enticing for your customers.

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